Roomate - App Design

Whether as a freshman or an intern: In student life, everyone experiences the problems of looking for a flat share or advertising their own room. So far we have been using websites like wg-gesucht.de or mediating via Facebook groups. For this hassle we designed an app with which we can find the right flat share or a suitable new tenant.

Used Tools
- Sketch App
- Illustrator
- Principle prototyping
- Tuan Ha
- Rowena Kirchberger
- Bruno Hornung
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A survey showed:
Throughout the time as student, the average number of moving from flat to flat is 3. Therefore looking for new flats/roommates can be quite a hassle. Things like interviewing the right people, setting up appointments and managing leasing contracts will be very time consuming beside studying.


Minimalistic design supports simple and accompanying interactions. The target group, students, should be addressed through illustrations and images as hero elements. In both cases, searching and advertising, the hero buttons helps leading through the UI. Creating a community through personal information on both sides helps to break the ice and comforts pre selection of candidates. Throughout simple icons the user can choose the top ones which resembles the flat atmosphere the best. The self-designed map and its icons (map box) correspond to the screen design. With "Roomate" the user should reach his goal quickly and also search and advertise on the go.